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How to Wacky Rig Summer Bass With David Dudley

Major League Fishing pro David Dudley delivers a highly-detailed wacky rig tutorial for summer bass on New York’s Lake Cayuga. From grassy to rocky habitats, the lake sets the perfect backdrop for a lesson on wacky rigging and the best gear for the job.

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Designed to mimic a live worm’s natural movement, the wacky rig’s key feature is its tantalizing “shimmy.” The irresistible shimmy on the fall makes the wacky rig one of the best finesse bass fishing techniques for triggering fish.

Dudley explores prime wacky rig fishing locations. He identifies post-spawn bass habitats, emphasizing the importance of deep-water access points. His commentary walks viewers through casting techniques, maintaining line tension, and detecting light bites.

Transitioning between docks and grass flats, Dudley also teaches how to leverage shade as an advantage in summer bass fishing. Shade provides refuge for bass during those hot summer months, whether under a dock, a bush, or an overhanging tree.

Dudley reveals how his signature “Dudley’s Wacky Worm” came into existence after years of studying the best worm action. He also covers essential gear tips, emphasizing the importance of a seven-foot or longer rod. Furthermore, he takes us through setting up a perfect wacky rig, including choosing the right color and hooking the worm.

Enhance your summer bass fishing game with wacky rig techniques that are proven to work. Dudley’s expert tips and demonstrations make this video a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to master the wacky rig for summer bass fishing.




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  1. I still throw my wackys on the 1st run of Profishency 7ft2inch Dudley Signature models; all the way to the straight shank hook( I use the Hayabusa FPP)-gotta throw that worm though-looks great and produces fish. awesome stuff

  2. Randy Blauket told me that David Dudley is the man when it comes to wacky rigging. That's good enough for me cause randy is an absolute hammer in his own right.

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