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Bigger is Better for Squarebills in the Summer! (Bass Fishing Tip) Ep. 155

In this episode of Pro Secrets Exposed, I talk about oversized squarebills, when to use them and the gear you need. Follow the link below to find them! This fishing tip series will post everydayish until I can’t do it anymore! So stay tuned for more! If you haven’t yet, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

Link to 4.0 & 8.0:

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  1. I tend to throw the biggest crankbait I can get them to eat. If Im at the Sabine/Calcasieu river I'll start off with the 2.5 or Toledo/Rayburn I'll start off with the 4.0 and move up if theyre eating it just because it seems like you can get bigger bites. Great video as always keepem coming man!!!

  2. Glad you're back Andrew! Great video. I was going to order some oversize cranks for the fall. Good point. I fish some small lakes with just gizzard shad and big bass.

  3. Really enjoy your videos so much!!! I fish Toledo Bend fairly often myself, along with Sam Rayburn. My son in law and I try to
    make as many trips as we can, we live in Bridge City , Tx. I really enjoy using the square bills but just have never tried the
    huge 4.0’s or 8.0’s. Think I may give’em a try!!! Like you work on the LETS FISH show, you really do a great job!!! Good luck on the rest of the BASS OPENS and would like to see you make the ELITES!!! Thanks for what you do!!!

  4. Greetings from the BIG SKY. You're right. I was fortunate to fish Big Salmon Lake using a 5" daredevil and a big square bill would have been useful on those dollies.

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