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How to use LIVE BLUEGILL to Catch Bass!!

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Sometimes you have to get out and do some bank fishing for bass, and there’s no one I’d rather take than this little dude! I love getting back to my roots and expanding my horizons to different types of fishing…hopefully you guys can get out and try this at your local lakes. Remember, TAKE A KID FISHING. It may change their lives, but at the very least, you will create memories that neither of you will ever forget.

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  1. I have great luck with bream,,as big as I can find. Ive caught bass that you wouldnt have thought would hit the that large , but they will hit them as large a bream as you can catch. catfishing is what I only use bream for and shrimp some too

  2. Hey man just a tip you prob already know but just in case! But you’re bobbers keep coming off because you’re only putting it on with one of the notches there is another one on top to secure it on the line. Just noticed and hoped it helped!

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