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Big Worms = Big Bass!

In this video me and Will go to a local pond and have a challenge catching bass on giant worms. We caught a bunch of nice fish and I ended up winning the challenge with a 5.46lb bass! I hope y’all liked this video! Thanks for watching!!

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  1. I am so confused. Those bass seem so calm being handled but most of the trout I’ve caught were in such a panic. I’ve actually had to keep an illegal trout because of it. It wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to remove the hook. I ended up smooshing a gill as my thumb slipped under the gill cover. I still hadn’t removed the hook and thought “damn you’re a goner.” I eventually removed it but too late. It lost a lot a blood and I smooshed a gill so I had to keep it. I looked like a murder scene. My vest and hands were coated in fish blood.

  2. You cut out your partner !! He only gets a tiny slice when you're fishing. He has to do with going up the shoreline and you cast right into his zone, no wonder you catch em all.

  3. Cool video. New subscriber here. Hey who's the other guy? Can't subscribe if I don't know who he is. May I ask what scale you are using? I like it better than the one I have now.

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