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How To Tie A Non-Slip Loop Knot (Quick, Easy, & Strong Fishing Knot)

Want to know a fishing knot that’s strong, easy to tie and has a great design?

We wanted to show you our favorite loop knot – the Non-Slip Loop Knot. This knot is also known as the Kreh Loop.

You can see the full tutorial and download the PDF document on how to tie this knot here:

This knot is perfect for terminal connection knots. I love it for topwater plugs and other artificial lures because it gives them great action in the water.

The tag end of the knot points back toward the lure, which keeps it from grabbing grass and other debris in the water.

To see a ranking of the best knots of all time, check out the link here:

Tight Lines!

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  1. Thanks Salt Strong. I'm into fishing but I don't have a dad, and none of the men in my life are into it as well. As a girl I felt like I could never ask anyone for help with this stuff because it was 'for boys', but some of your videos are so instructional and accessible. Just wanted to let you know that you made a difference. Have a good one.

  2. good video, except you didn't do a very good job explaining the "face" of the loop!? maybe i'm just too much of a beginner, but that seemed like the only more complicated aspect of the knot…and just kind of glossed over without any real help in distinguishing. You even state that it is important….why not actually show what you're talking about!!

  3. I like to use leads because a lot of times the local bass swallow the entire lure, and they are known to cut the normal line with their teeth but they won't get off a thin metal lead.

  4. Thanks for these. My dad taught me all this stuff when I was much younger, but if you don't use it you lose it. And he unfortunately passed. So I'm having to re learn.

  5. The question I have is whether it is preferred to have this loop knot on the lure or a snap-barrel-swivel on it? Both would allow movement right? The snap though would allow you to quick change lures without retying the loop knot?

  6. What's the breaking strength of this knot? Looking to use this for all my striper lures just so I do not need to use the TA clips. And what's the success rate vs other knots and why I should use this knot as my number 1?

  7. Even though I have to watch the video every time to get this knot right, LOL, it is worth the time. I love the fact that the tag end faces backwards and the knot is very strong. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. I'm so frustrated to the point that I'm writing a comment about it. Whenever I start pulling the line to tighten it, it keeps on snaping… the video is not wrong I have done this knot using the same method before but I have no Idea why the line keeps on snapping even though it's new and strong… the bit where the gentleman tells us upward side this right side that is confusing for me maybe that's why I can't seem to get it right

  9. Uhh, I have a very rudimentary question, as I have only fished the ocean. Now that I live inland, I will start fishing small lakes. When fishing for small or large mouth bass, with this type of lure, are any types of weights added to the line? Thanks!

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