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Swimbait Big Bass. Savage Gear Line Thru Shad Strikes Again.

Last day of Vacation and I caught another Giant. 7.9 Pounds, and growing. 24 inches, and had a giant head on it. She also had something in her throat, bluegill or gizzard shad or something. Do yourself a favor and start using one of these Savage Gear Line Thru baits. It is actually one of the most affordable swimbaits on the market. The Gold Shiner or the Shad color, they all work. This bait is so life like, it really looks like a shiner swimming and when you pause it, boom, fish on!!


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  1. Nice video, beautiful fish! With respect, the worst thing you can do to any game fish is mess with their mucus layer. The mucus layer is a fish’s primary line of defense against infection and disease. It takes quite a while for a fish to replace once removed. This is one of the reasons many biologists advocate minimizing handling of the fish. Your actually better off wiping commercial scents on your baits like Pro Cure instead of what you are doing.

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