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How to Swim a Worm for Bass | NEW Tricks with Shaw Grigsby‼️

It’s always a blast and learning experience spending an afternoon in the boat chasing bass with Shaw Grigsby, especially in his home state of Florida. Given all the grass in Florida, a Texas-rigged worm was the first bass lure he mastered, and he’s continued to evolve how he uses it. In this video, Grigsby gives us an excellent tutorial on how he swims worms and excellent tips to increase your hookup ratio.

• WORM – Strike King Cut R Worm, 7-inch:
• HOOK – Lazer TroKar MagWorm Hook 5/0:
• WEIGHT – Eagle Claw Pro Series Lead Worm Weight:
• ROD – Team Lews Pro-Ti Speed Stick Casting Rod:
• REEL – Team Lews Pro-Ti SLP casting Reel:
• LINE – Seaguar AbrazX Fluorocarbon Line:

A Texas rig is the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to fish fast or slow, horizontally and vertically. For these reasons, it plays excellently for covering water, then killing the bait when you come across a hole in the grass or bass bed. However, a common problem with Texas-rigging worms is having the bait slide down the shank and bunch up around the hook on a hook set — this prevents hook penetration. Grigsby shares a couple of excellent rigging tips to curb this problem and lead to more catching.

Lastly, he discusses the importance of rod angle when retrieving the bait and giving the bass a little time before setting the hook. He shares his typical rod, reel, and line setup for swimming worms anywhere in the country when bass are shallow and relating to grass.

• Motorguide Tour Pro Troling Motor:
• Strike King S11 Sunglasses:
• Rapid Fishing Solutions Rapid Hook All:




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  1. he'll always be one of my all time favorite bass fisherman. got to meet him at the Classic in 2003 when I was a 15 year old wannabe pro bass fisherman. how could you not love Shaw Grigsby

  2. I'm in Florida, fishing bass for the first time – Dad died at 13, finally have a good job so I'm using my extra time to learn bass fishing! This swimming the worm video is awesome, thank you so much for the down home informative content! 🤩🧠🥰🙏✌️🤙

  3. Shaw great tips. One question, when you use the toothpick to peg the worm so it does not slide down the hook shank. Are you pushing the toothpick through the eye of the hook buried in the head of the worm or just through the body of the worm near the top or at the bend of the hook?

  4. Shaw Grisby is hilarious!!! They get their lips ripped out, we have fun, and they get a work out. It's a good thing!!! Don't let a he-she vegan environmentalist tell you anything else.

  5. So here's something that confuses me about fishing videos. Advice vs what they are actually doing. In this video, he says to keep rod high, at 10 o clock. But he's fishing it while instructing at 8-9 o clock…

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