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Pro Secrets Exposed! #1 Wacky Rig Mistake! (Bass Fishing) (Ep. 19)

In this episode of Pro Secrets Exposed, I break down the #1 mistake I see a lot of anglers make when fishing a wacky rig and give you real life situations where these tips worked for me. This daily tip series will post at Noon CST everyday until I can’t do it anymore! SO stay tuned for more! If you haven’t yet, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

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  1. Best advice for Ned rigged weedless baits for BANK fishing in stained waters? Using 6 lb fluorocarbon mated to 6 lb SpiderWire braid, very strong combo for me & great casting on 9 & 10 ft Spinning gear. Any unique tips? TY!

  2. Here in FL, I always have a toad ready. Love the wacky rig, I almost exclusively throw a 1/8 oz flick shake, don't use o rings, and never, ever use brand new senkos, unless it's a full-on wacky fest, or in a tournament. My favorite tx rig worm is the Zoom Speed worm, so all my used ones get the tail pinched and used for wacky. Spinning rod is best for sure, for all the reasons Andrew statedd, and especially if you don't use o-rings. You'll throw the worm off the hook occasionally, which will backlash a baitcaster. (Come to think of it, I guess that can happen with an O ring too, so I just don't see the point in using them.). Caught em pretty good today on the wacky, targeting isolated spatterdock and a sandy creekmouth.

  3. hey Andrew….thanks for all your content….my favorite all time confidence #1 bait tied on at all times that I catch fish on, is a Jerkbait,…

  4. Is there an issue with unable to catch bass on beds using any baits? I fished a bed today with male and female on it….I suspect they were busy paying attention to each other. I couldn't catch either of them after 1.5 hours trying.

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