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HOW TO RIG my “Unloaded” (unrigged) Swimbait

Chris Zaldain goes over the specific rigging of his new Unloaded Daingerous Swimbait.

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*Swimbait* 👉

*Screw Lock Belly Weighted Hook*
6″ Swimmer: 7/0 Trokar Swim Blade
7″ Swimmer: 8/0 Owner Beast

*Swimbait Head*
1/2 oz 5/0 Swimbait Jighead
3/4 oz 6/0 Swimbait Jighead

*Line-thru Method*
1/8 oz Tungsten Bullet Weight
6″ Swimmber: Size #1 Treble Hook
7″ Swimmer: Size #1/0 Treble Hook

Chris’ Sunglasses:


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  1. Chris or Trait my question is on rigged method #3 its a bit detailed , but ive fished the swimbait a lot this year like 3-4 rods rigged with different size , color and rig style and pick up nothing else the entire day on Pickwick or Wilson lake in N Alabama good swimbait lakes very blessed . Ok ? Is on wd rig the presence of a 1/4 tungsten weight my favorite changes the profile of the bait on the bottom widens it just a little do u guys honestly think that hurts the bite and is there any way to avoid that

  2. Chris or Trait i have just a quick comment then question about the 6" an 7'" dangerous blackback shad love the swim-bait guys runs so true belly or line through I've tried both successfully I'm from the shoals area in N AL. So yeah Wilson lake and Pickwick but Wilson has had sick swimmer bite around docks anyway don't tell lol . The ? Is do you guys think bait fuel or pb and garlic homemade scents help the swimbait bite or is it just a confidence thing I'd love your guys professional opinion . Thanks love you guys !

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