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How to Rig a DAINGEROUS Swimbait for Pre Spawn Bass

​@Zaldaingerous made a pretty sweet swimbait just in time for spring bass fishing. In this video I show you how I’m rigging it up for fishing shallow water for pre spawn and spawning bass and what hook to use to keep the bait weedless.

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Owner Beast Hook

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Flourocarbon for swimbait fishing

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  1. Hey Balzzy, why don't you tell us which size Beast Hook you find fits best on this bait so we don't have to go broke on trial and error. When Zaldain did his video on the Freestyle and mentioned his favorite way of fishing it on a 5/0 Trokar Swim Blade. I bought a bunch and really felt it was too small. Later everyone's chiming in at 6/0, 7/0, even 8/0. Do you all really fish this stuff before you put these videos out????

  2. I wish I didn't need to keep the box in order to store those things, I prefer the lower profile clamshells that are a bit easier to store

  3. I asked Chris Zaldain which color he recommends on Pickwick or just the Tennessee River in general and that color is the exact color he says he loves to use. I love the fact that it can be "burned" much faster than a Megabass Magdraft. I actually hope Bass Mafia eventually comes out with a 4.5" version, but that 6" one is still really great in getting big smallies or largies to eat it as right now I've been throwing a 6" Duckett BD Swim and getting hammered on it.

  4. I love screw head hooks, but in my experience the swimbaits I use last maybe 1-2 catches. How does that Magdraft hold up? I'd be scared to use one since they are expensive (to me).

  5. Dude the one you have rigged on the thumb nail looks like shit and all stretched man. And I mean the rigging looks like shit the bait looks like it’d be fine otherwise too big of a hook maybe but it’s looking rough

  6. Yet another company knocking off megabass. First the dark sleeper, then the I-Wing, then the uoze swimmer, now the magdraft. And Berkeley just released another magdraft replica right after the daingerous came out

  7. Great tips Mikey! I just posted a video where I crushed them on a mag draft. I had it on an exposed hook but looking forward to using the beast hook to fish grass. Great tips!

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