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How to Rig and Fish a Speed Worm for Big Bass

How to rig and fish a speed worm for Big Bass. This is a video I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. I highlight a variation of a speed worm, made by my lure company, CPF Lures. We call it Thumper Pro, and it’s available in three different models… Floating, Slow Floating, and Regular.

First, I show you the various ways I like to rig a speed worm. Then, I show you a couple ways I like to fish (or retrieve) a speed worm. Finally, I show you how to catch some big Bass on a Speed Worm (Thumper Pro).

You can find the CPF Lures Thumper Pro, NineX Braided Line, and Burnt Tungsten weights on our website at

Thanks for watching!

Chuck Pippin Jr.
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  1. I fished Headwaters this week and did good 7.2 biggest than I saw your video, you ask what we call flipping, we called it Jiggering as a kid . 18 ft. calcutta cane poll about 12 ft. of line with pork rind

  2. Going to try some..I’m also going to try your black braid..I’ve got some of your Trick worms. What type of line do you recommend if I’m Texas rigging your Pippin8R? Braid/Floro?

  3. just ordered some to try out. Look forward to this technique. We have patches of hydrilla in 12 to 18 ft of water in this new lake I'm fishing and want to give this a try. Thanks for sharing

  4. Chuck – I fished the floating Thumper on Champlain for a two days. One worm and landed a nice 4# largemouth and a monster northern pike.

    I can say for certain, the thumper is unbelievable durable!

    I will need to focus on slow rolling it more. I was using a lift and drop technique a bit more.

    Great bait!!

  5. Thank you again for sharing. I will have to pick some of these up and send them off to Operation Tackle Box. WQe will let the wounded vets use them down in Georgia. Thank you agin

  6. Great baits! Can you explain how you rig, tail up or down, and what is the difference in action? thanks
    Ok just saw you talk it about at the end of the vid.

  7. Amazing how much bigger a fish is if you don’t get it in the boat. LOL question about the floating thumper. I am a big fan of slow down soft plastic fishing. My lake has a bunch of slime and always have to dig it off the bait. With Texas rigging if I let it sit and slow drag will the thumper tail still float up from the weight?

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