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There are actually 2 secret tips, but a lot of anglers don’t do either. Learn a couple of big bass catching secrets in this instructional video. The first big secret is to stay back, and the second is to cast past your intended target. Don’t move your boat in and scare the fish away, and don’t throw your lure in too close and spook the bass. Come in quietly, stay back, and make quite casts past the target and sneak the bait into the area where the bass lives.


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  1. Went with my father in law to toledo bend. He caught a 5lber and a 3lber. Everything i caught was 14" or smaller.

    5lber on a isolates bush. 3lber on a frog with 60lb braid 15 ft past where the bass was. Everything you said he basically said. Ive seen it in person. This just confirms it lol. But i didnt wanna give him that credit haha. Thanks and God bless. I would have never looked at that isolated bush or grass until now

  2. Beating the bank in the fall with a buzzbait we noticed something. When we casted on the bank and ran the buzzbait off the bank and into the water we got bit by larger bass. When we casted to a specific target we caught dinks

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