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How to pitch and flip the Matts for Big Bass

I fully explain the difference between pitching and flipping and demonstrate both techniques! I’m working heavy Hydrilla Matts in Central Florida with 2 once punching weights, Yamamoto creature baits, 65# braid, heavy drag Solus casting reel and a 7’6″ heavy action Favorite flipping stick. Several beautiful bass up to 7 pounds are taken.


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  1. I've never done this technique. But I sure would enjoy going out on a lake with this guy and landing monsters. It would be such a relaxing day

  2. I just ordered a bunch of big tungsten bullet weights and a heavy duty baitcasting rod and reel to start punching the mats for bass. I've always fished the edge of the cover never right into it. I imagine there will be a learning curve to landing a bass all caught up in the slop but it seems like there's a whole lot of fish to be caught under that stuff.

  3. Thank for passionately sharing so many year of priceless knowledge,! I'm a novice fished Toledo Bend, know we look at camps. Can't wait to go back in February and March, should be eventful !

  4. Roland, I imagine you've forgotten more about Bass fishing than most of us will ever learn. I love your Videos and you sure seem to enjoy making them. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge!

  5. Roland love when you go out just you and camera and teach fishing. I write things down and reference back to them for future. Thank you sir for great videos.

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