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How To Make Your Own Line Thru Swimbaits (EASY WAY) – Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

Line thru swimbaits are known to last you longer and net more of the fish you hook, compared to the same soft plastic swimbaits rigged on traditional jigheads or weedless EWG style hooks.

In today’s video I show you how to convert your standard 4-6 inch paddle tail swimbait into a line thru. I used the 4.8″ Keitech Swing Impact FATs and Strike King Rage Swimmers, but you can use whichever swimbaits you prefer.

For this simple modification you will need a few items: a barbecue skewer, a coffee stirrer, a treble hook (I prefer the Owner ST-36, size 4 for this bait), a bullet weight or nail weight, and a screw-in underspin blade (optional).

I show you in 5 quick steps how easy it is to make a DIY line thru. Let me know what you think! Did you like the video? Have you done this before or would you?

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Thanks for watching. Have a great rest of your day, and good luck fishing!

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  1. I combine steps, after threading the skewer thru, I put the stirrer on the pointy end, then pull the skewer – with stirrer on it, back thru. Disassemble and snip the stirrer to length. This is helpful on bigger baits.

  2. I usually feed the hook on the underside. Do you find a difference with it on top? or less snags maybe? Good video! I am fishing one of these today. Keep up the good work!

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