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Catching HUGE Musky With GIANT 1lb Swimbaits!

What a Crazy Day.

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  1. Skechy. I bet you snagged it. Of course the video just happens to cut out and you don’t get the catch?? Yeah I don’t believe it.

  2. Congrats on a fine Musky… worth the time & effort. TIP: position your camera onto a cap/hat for superior optics. You have it on your chest, which is worst place possible, all we see are your arms. Amateur mistake ! Check out the ND kayaker on YouTube to see how its done.

  3. I assume thats one of those savage gear line through swimbaits? I think if it had bigger hooks on it you catch both of those hits. My 2 cents, the hooks I saw when you lifted the bait up a few times were far too small.

  4. You probs won’t see this. But last summer I took my first cast EVER with a Muskie rod for a Muskie and landed one! Wasn’t a monster but boy was it a rush

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