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How to Fly Fish for Largemouth Bass // Subsurface Style

There is so much more than what I can share in a single video, but here is a basic rundown of how to catch bass on a fly. The main thing is get started. Give it a shot! Get out there and put your fly in some bass water. You’ll learn a ton, become a stronger fly fisher, and have a great time doing it.

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  1. This was a great video Joe! I like the strategy of fishing 5-10 minutes, then moving approx. 100 ft. and using the anchor if necessary.
    Also appreciated your strategy too of fishing those small differences in structure as well. Maybe a bit on the light side, but my favorite largemouth/peacock bass rod (I live in FL) has been a 5 weight Redington Predator with a fighting butt. To me it feels more like a 6 weight, and I usually catch those 1/2 lb to 1-2 lb bass; great fun. Bigger fish than I’m yelling “Momma”! Thanks again for a very good/helpful video!!

  2. One recommendation I can give , especially for newer bass flyfishermen is using a higher line weight for largemouth. I use a 9 wt line and this helps to lift and cast heavy and bulky bass flies. The distances are short and the heavier line helps to load the rod with a short line out. I have great success with a Raineys Joom Diver head in yellow especially. Look at commercial tie and dress with feathers, legs and fur straps and emulate that. But all that foam and fuzz is so much easier to cast with a 9 wt line and a rod that handles it. (I have a fast 8 wt that I over line)

  3. I fly fish from West Point Lake in Ga all the way down to Lake Eufaula in Alabama. I don`t use my bait casters anymore, I retired them over 20 years ago. Took my grandson today. You will always catch fish.

  4. Was on a float trip on the Potomac last week for small mouth. Black popper was the premier fly. Ended up with 13 with the largest at 18 inches. Will be up in northern Wisconsin in late July fishing several local lakes off my kayak. Typically those large mouth love mouse and frog patterns. While I do fish for trout, bass are my favorite species. Great video and you confirmed many of the techniques I use for bass.

  5. I wouldn’t say that using a floating line is used 90% of the time for bass. That greatly depends on what type of water you’re fishing and where the fish are holding. On deep lakes where fish can get 15 to 20 ft deep in the summer a sinking line is a must and most streamers are best fished on a intermediate line.

  6. Great video Joe. Love the variety of content. Definitely some of the best. Off-topic a little but is that a tennis elbow strap? I'm having some forearm and elbow issues from over-use and sink line use. Does it help?

  7. Bass fishing on the fly is my favorite species. Completely different game to trout fishing, and most bass havent seen many flies and are likely to hit.

  8. Being a fly fisherman that lives in the southern part of New Jersey over 90% of my fly fishing is warm water either panfish or bass. I had a smile on my face when you describe the rig because my bass rig is a echo b a g 7 weight with a Redington behemoth reel and SA mastery fly line and a 12 lb leader. Another trick you can use for combating the winds on a small vessel is using an anchor trolley system like kayakers use. I also strongly agree with the floating line thing I don't think I've ever caught a large mouth out of anything deeper than 6 ft and also having that floating line where you can mend it to direct your fly around weeds and snags is priceless.

  9. I’ve never tried bass fishing on a fly rod but as spring fades into summer here in southeastern PA and water temps rise the trout fishing drops off. I usually put the fly rod in the garage until fall rolls around and pull out the spinning tackle. This year I will give the 5wt a try on some of my favorite bass ponds and lakes. That looks like to much fun not to try!

  10. Is that a Sage Max reel ? I love fishing Largemouth with a 6wt, actually will make you a great caster. I also like Rio Predator line. I over line 1 size up. Great Vid Joe.

  11. Great vid.. I live and die with a fast 6 for smallies here in Texas.. and a 4 on the creeks for guads. I grew up fishing in upstate New York so it’s been a big transition! One perk of bass fishing is the solitude you can get compared to competing for trout

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