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Catching the 27+ Pound Legendary Largemouth Bass! | Location & Tips!

Today we’re headed back to Call of the Wild: theAngler to target the legendary largemouth bass: Goldstein, a 27+ pound giant!

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  1. Fishing games really get it so wrong, I hate the spawn location, living in Florida and being an avid bass fisherman you never know when it’s gonna happen, idk why big fish can spawn randomly anywhere. I’ve caught fish in places you’d never even think one would be.

  2. Whenever this makes it to consoles I can't figure out a 16 minutes struggle on the controller. I thought the RDR2 legendary fishes were difficult to catch 😅😂

  3. So excited for this game on Xbox would like to see like a lodge with maybe like an aquarium along with mounts inside the lodge like full body ones much like cotw and maybe like you could take pictures with your fish when you caught them and they went in a log book or like journal and you could label them

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