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How to Fish Grubs for Smallmouth Bass in Clear Water

It’s easy to forget about grubs in a tackle world filled with paddle tail swimbaits, Ned rigs, and other swimming plastics, but that’s a mistake. Wired2fish’s Nick Dumke takes us on a grub fishing adventure for smallmouth bass, demonstrating the effectiveness of grubs in clear water. This video focuses on when and how to fish grubs for smallmouth bass but is equally valid for largemouth and spotted bass wherever clear water abounds.

TACKLE USED (retail links)
• GRUB – Berkley PowerBait Power Grub, 4-inch: Buy at Tackle Warehouse (
• JIG HEAD – BKK Silent Chaser Round Head, 1/8-ounce: Buy at FishUSA (
• ROD – Abu Garcia Pro Series Spinning Rod, Avena 7’4″ Medium: Buy at Bass Pro Shops (, Buy at Tackle Warehouse (
• REEL – Abu Garcia REVO SX SP30 Spinning Reel: Buy at Bass Pro Shops (, Buy at Tackle Warehouse (
• LINE – Berkley Jordan Lee X9 Braided Line Flame Green, 8-pound: Buy at Tackle Warehouse (
• LINE – Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon, 8-pound: Buy at Bass Pro Shops (, Buy at Tackle Warehouse (

Dumke details the versatility of the grub. While perhaps not as realistic to the human eye as a minnow-imitating swimbait, a grub comes to life with slight motion. Dumke discusses a grub’s unique ability to resemble a range of forage and trick visually discerning bass into biting with its gently undulating tail action.

Dumke highlights the importance of rigging a grub correctly to mimic natural fish food, which can be the game-changer between a successful and unsuccessful day of fishing. He demonstrates the importance of perfect threading on a jig head to ensure a natural presentation. Get it right, and a grub comes to life with a natural side-to-side rocking motion.

While a range of jig heads work, Dumke favors a classic round ball head, which careens its way through cover such as rock and wood with minimal hang-ups. A longer medium power spinning rod equipped with a 3000-size reel offers a smoother drag and increases your casting distance, an essential element in clear water.




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  1. I don't swim them too much. I use a slow retrieve and bounce it. Usually I get bites when it's dropping. My favorite is always pumpkin seed color. I absolutely love going out with people with 50lb tackle boxes and I show up with a pack of plastics and jig heads then out fish em. My all time favorite bass bait

  2. 🎣 me
    I am just starting to learn about bass fishing. I was pretty much Born and raised on trout fishing but i want to try something different I'm start trying to catch other species of fish. by watching this video and techniques is going to definitely help me and give me some great ideas. I don't have a big lake or anything like that to fish for bass but I do have a canal here and there are some nice bass in there. I think most of them are pretty much done laying their eggs now and they're hungry.
    Just going by what the Pennsylvania fish and game commission had told me. Thanks and I enjoyed watching this video

  3. Tried a true technique and will catch big large mouth aswell. Always remember kids there is no school like the old school so anytime you can get advise from that old man using a zebco fishing from the bank listen closely.

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