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How to fish a plastic worm plus a giant Bass

I show the viewer the ABC’s of plastic worm fishing, Roland Martin style! I show all the proper way to retrieve and set the hook as well, then I take the viewer to bank fishing in Missouri where I catch a bass nearly 10 pounds!


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  1. Too bad I can't fish a plastic worm because for some odd reason I just can't set the hook! And yet the worm is the go to for catching the most bass

  2. it would be an honor to fish with ya. Grew up watching you on the ol' tube tv and now I watch you on YouTube. Thanks for all your shared information through these years.

  3. Thank you sir thus was perfect video. I've been sight fishing lately and catching bigger bass forsurr but thus video helped me a lot I've only been fishing about 4 years and I use worms 90$ of the time perfect video for me plus I'm strictly a shore fisherman just great video buddy

  4. At 71 years young I loved the sport of bass fishing the 101 secrets got me started in the right train of thought keep up teaching an refreshing new skills to finding an catching bass from us to u thanks for everything over the years .

  5. That bass that came off made him forgot about the video for a minute lol he's caught more bass than you could imagine yet every bite still gets him so excited I love that

  6. I won a trip fishing with him by raffle at Sonnyโ€™s bbq in clewiston Got up at 3 am drove for and hour and half. He didnโ€™t show up. He sent some guy to take me fishing. I was supposed to use only sponsored bait. I was born on a river bank. I grabbed my Johnson spoon & uncle Josh pork rind and tore it up. He wasnโ€™t happy when I asked about you cheating in a tournament ?? He repleyed we donโ€™t talk about that. ๐Ÿคฃ

  7. I liked the way everything was explained!! โค
    instructions had a nice pace and good amount of infoโ€ฆ other channels try to give you tons of info in 5 seconds making you feel rushed and leaving you confused!

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