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How to fish a frog for trophy Bass

Lake Okeechobee’s monster bass finally showed up and record catches were taken! The western and northern reedy shorelines , particularly where the blue gills were bending, held hundreds of giant bass with 20 , 5 bass stringers over 30 pounds on the Roland Martin Marina tournament on Saturday May 6th 2023. This appears to be a Florida record tournament catch! I fished the lake the following Monday and Tuesday and did equally as well. The water was calm and the strikes were legendary. I also explain all the details and the pattern. This is epic frog fishing!


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  1. Well " roland has many decades of experience that's why when he is teaching us thru his videos he has probably made the same mistake ththat we have many times over,, either fishing from shore or out on the lakes, or in some of his saltwater shows also,,

  2. I watched Roland every week back in the 80s and 90s. There is one person responsible for everyone knowing about Lake Okeechobee bass…and it's Roland Martin (well, Doug Hannon too)! Anyway, I find Roland's You Tube Channel today and I swear I'm still watching a video from the 90s! Roland never ages, I guess…and I'm glad he's still doing well!! 🙂

  3. Were heading to your resort in a couple of weeks. Go about twice a year with not so good luck. Hopefully this trip will change all of that. Thanks for the joy to watch you fish!

  4. Ive been watching roland for a long tine and enjoy his excitement for fishing. I have 1 question. I love top water fishing and i was just wondering if a black frog is the way to go in Virginia. Ive always used a dark green frog and was wondering if it would be good to get an arsenal of black frogs. Love ya roland and keep up the good fishing.

  5. Roland, what did you use to pull the bigger hook through the frog? I have caught several 10# bass on the 3/0 hook but have lost several too. Would like to try putting in the bigger hook. Thanks

  6. He's the world's greatest fisherman he'll fish anywhere any place there's water you know he'll be there. Thank you Roland 👍Son! It's a 6 7 8 9 10 pounder👍🎣

  7. I'm 75 and I've watched Roland Martin since when even though we have never met. I would wager Roland with a plain depth finder would win a tournament against 29 young fisherman that have live imagining.

  8. In my opinion if we take modern day electronics out of the equation, Roland is the best natural fisherman ever to walk the earth. He has the sixth sense. So connected to what the fish are doing.

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