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Fishing with GRANT LANGMORE! (The Swimbait Kid)

I link up with my friend Grant Langmore and we head to one of my favorite fishing spots!

Check out Sunline:
Check out Bajio:
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  1. Hillary Sue Aoutee 5000 G. LOL 👋 HEY…The kitchen coversation a sweet deal its a tough deaign building on theae memories " I've been in love before"…its like three on three an even finish…

  2. Poor hilary is learning about that college life, where we pay to be conditioned to give up our weekends for an entire career 😞 I miss fishing. Get an AA and go pro Hilary. Save yourself ☠️

  3. Been there many times… It's not cheap, but for anyone who ever makes it down there, it'll be an amazing trip, fishing those old phosphate mining canals.

    The duck hunt is awesome too… Leroy has the most amazing dogs.

  4. This is a awesome video love the content you put out Hilary y’all are my favorite to watch and fallow along with on everything about fishing y’all are so helpful and inspirational

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