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How to Choose Bass Fishing Rods Based on Technique

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best fishing rod for the technique and cover you’re fishing? As an experienced rod connoisseur and designer, pro bass angler Kyle Welcher explains how to select the correct rod for the situation. He covers the basics of rod power and action and how hook size (gauge or thickness) dictates what rod power and action you should choose.

• REEL – 13 Fishing Inception Casting Reel:
• ROD – 13 Fishing Envy 3 Casting Rod, 7’3″ MH:

Power refers to the amount of force it takes to load the rod, while action (taper) refers to the bend characteristics of the blank. Getting both right is essential to properly work specific lures, hooking fish, and keeping them hooked. Moderate tapers excel when using trebled baits like crankbaits or moving lures such as spinnerbaits and bladed jigs. A more moderate action helps keep your line tight and treble hooks buttoned when the fish shakes its head. With moving baits, a slower action gives the fish more time to take the bait deeper into their mouth, thus increasing hookups.

Conversely, Welcher explains why he prefers a fast or extra-fast action rod for single hook flipping and pitching applications. Heavier power is needed to penetrate bigger hooks in cover, while the faster action moves your line and fish quicker while also helping to clear vegetation. However, there’s less room for error with heavier power rods with fast actions.

Lastly, Welcher discusses rod length and why it is a more personal preference. What about if you can only swing a rod or two. And many anglers can only afford or need a rod or two? Welcher shares what he feels is the best all-around bass rod to execute multiple techniques successfully.




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  1. So the first rod he was talking about is a moderate rod with what action? Fast? I recently got a Pflueger Patriarch size 35x with 3/16 – 3/4 size lures and looking for a good rod to pair with it.

  2. for me since I'm 5'3" I use a medium mod 6'6" for target casting cranks with 12lb mono and chatterbaits, 7' medium heavy for jigs, Texas rigs, frogs, worms, senkos, spooks, and a 7ft medium moderate fast for finesse spinning set up with 10lb braid to an 8-12lb leader for 1/4 poppers to finesse jigs up to 1/4oz, small 3inch stick baits Texas rigged with a 1/16th-1/8oz worm weight with the 3 inch stick baits and smaller worms or shakey heads really any finesse fishing. these 3 rods and rod choices are what I've used for last 15-20years specifically for personal preference and comfort and braid is my predominantly used line of choice for everything. and if need be I'll use a mono or fluoro leader of a length from the tip of rod to the closest guide to the reel. with this length of leader it gives me the stretch and length of line to be confident enough to know I will never have an issue on my end to break off. I am a guy that likes to jerk semi fast so by the time I get to my shoulder or full strike position the hook is in the right place 85-95% of the time. do I break off some times yes just like everyone else. if I get bit off then usually it's because I'm in an area with pike as always and I'm not a perfect angler or claim to be but as you said if all things are paired up properly you raise your odds of landing fish more if all things work together. also if a rod doesn't feel right same with a reel paired together then change it up. so I go with shorter rods and max a 7.5.1 or a 7.1.1 bait casting reels for both baitcasting setup and a spinning reel that's a 3000. so hope this helps someone else that may fish like me or similar. plus I don't mind changing baits on the fly if need be because honestly yes having 10 rods for everything helps but sometimes simplicity is key. but will be adding a 7'3"-7'6" heavy baitcasting rod and a 8.1.1 lews lft down road with 65lb braid for the extreme thick stuff for large frogs, flipping and pitching the 3/4-1.5 ounce tungsten Texas rigs and big baits.

    Someone who understands and can convey the difference between power and action of a rod and pair it with a specific technique. I cannot count the number of videos I have stopped watching when they say “this is a medium heavy action rod”. Job well done! Need more videos like this that have the true explanation.

  4. What Gear Ratio is best for 1/4 Oz Poppers? Currently I am using a 7:5:1 BaitCast Reel on a 7ft Med/Fast Rod. (I've caught a couple nice LargeMouth on this Rod/Reel) Should I just stick with that? Or go higher/lower. Could I also get away with using a shorter Rod like a 6Ft 6 ?

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