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Alright, I’m convinced this works…Early Spring Bass Fishing

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Got away from working on the boat a bit and spent a couple days fishing two lakes chasing some early spring bass. First topwater fish of the year and a few other good ones to wrap up a couple of good days of fishing! I hope you guys are gettin after it and chasing some new PBs.


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The Jon boat I’m currently running is a Weldbilt 1548 custom built by Matt Downs of Tricked Tins. For more info on the boat, or if you have interest in a build yourself – the links below are where you can contact Matt.
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  1. I can’t wait to get a boat 🚤 I know it’s some nice ones out there cause I have caught them from the bank. But I enjoy watching your videos and keep them coming Thanks 🙏🏾

  2. How do you like those new Kistler reels? Could you do a video review on them? I want to see how those compare to bigger brands like Shimano or Daiwa. Thanks!

  3. Is that a custom graph mount up front? I like how high it sits. Also just checked out the app. Seems legit so far.

  4. bro i need that flooring style in yellow in the G3. So bad ass. When they come out with an app like that for muskie let me know. I could use the help bahahahahahaha

  5. The swim jig in my opinion is one of the best moving baits to throw in the spring especially when the females are up there trying to spawn. The bigger females just can't stand that swim jig. It has become a staple in my arsenal this time of the year

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