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How I Rig The Bass Mafia Daingerous Swimbait (Line Thru)

Here is one of my favorite ways to modify a “freestyle” or “unrigged” swimbait and make them a line thru. I love rigging my Bass Mafia Daingerous Swimbait this way because it allows me to land more fish by removing the leverage of the bait vs traditional rigging methods.

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  1. Great solution! Just what I was thinking of doing but wasn’t sure the best way. You already did the heavy lifting with your proven method. Thank you for video!

  2. Great setup John. I just started throwing bigger swimbaits and caught a 5lber at Pickwick a couple weeks ago. I was using a MagDraft. Would I be able to rig the freestyle MagDraft like this as well?

  3. John. your page is realling great, been picking up a lot of ideas from your recent and older shows. Apart from the online site, who would stock the Swate Rods?

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