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Testing Out The Best Big Swimbait Travel Rods On Lake Biwa Japan?!

Traveling is something that has seemed daunting for fishermen with the fear and hassle of carrying around big 7′-8’6″ rods. One of the biggest work arounds to that is using multi piece rods that leave a much smaller foot print. For a while, it was hard to find a good multi piece travel rod for guys that wanted to fish big baits and chase really big fish. That’s where the Megabass Valkyrie World Expedition rods come into play. For the past couple of years, I have traveled effortlessely with these rods to fish for bass, pike and even muskie. Today, I talk about two of the models and what I like to throw on each one while being on the beautiful Lake Biwa.

Check out the rods:

7’11” XH Rod:

8′ XXH Rod:

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  1. I’m using the 6th sense travel 7’2 casting rod. Came from NJ to Florida and the bag attendant through my rod behind other bags and she came off the plane perfectly fine 😅thank god lol

  2. Can you talk about this reel shimano Calcutta, why is this reel so special and so on? I remember see people argue with each other at bait shop just to have this reel. I saw one guy would buy this reel and never use it, only to hang on the wall😂

  3. I purchased the 7'11"XH last September and it is an excellent hard bait rod, extremely satisfied with it. Make sure you use ferrule wax and don't dry fit the sections. Also, it's easier to line up the guides if you assemble from tip to handle. Chase your dreams, my dude.

  4. A 10oz swimbait…. i'm letting that sink in for a long while.. Nice one man!!! Glad that the Dream came true.
    it's official nothing i have in my arsenal of gear is suitable for Biwa OR 10 oz sb's.

  5. What’s up brother been wanting this video since the video of the shops touring you dun 🤙🏼🤙🏼. You could have thrown a bone cuz we know you caught a couple bass over there but whatever it’s all good we be nice and until the next video coms out😎🤙🏼😎

  6. I use my 8 footer for dogtooth snapper in my pic and also tuna, grouper, marlin, dorado, sailfish, yellowtail, etc in Baja. That rod is a beast for 40-50# line.

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