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This SWIMBAIT is going to change how I fish CREEKS in Ohio!

The new 6th Sense 5″ Trace Swimbait has been absolutely DYNAMITE for me the past few days. My first objective was to test it in the creeks and with overwhelming success, I decided to throw it a few more times in Southern Ohio creeks. Water has finally come down a bit and the banks are fishable. Come along with me as I had some of the most fun bank fishing I have had in a while!

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  1. Love watching your videos. I’ve been trying to fish at deer meadow park in Moraine. Saw a video of yours and you were there too. I’ve been up there 4 times now with no luck. Any tips?

  2. Awesome video with nice catches on that new swimbait, I had to order one using your code, thanks for sharing and I can't wait to try mine when it comes in, LET'S GO! πŸŽ£πŸ™‚

  3. You should totally try out spring valley lake in southwest ohio. Those large mouth have been loving my bluegill patterned swim-crank hybrid from 6th sense. And if you make it out that way float around on your kayak. It’s a great shallow lake. They are draining it in June though to do maintenance and expect the bass to die out pretty bad… I caught 5 over 16.5” a piece for team creek on creek fishing adventures tournament but they denied them all because I didn’t know I had to use a β€œKetch” brand measuring board. So I lost my 3rd place spot haha. Back down to 25th or so πŸ˜‚

  4. I don't know if you knew this about bass or not but they are what's known as being "proportionately stupid" they'll try to eat ANYTHING they think will fit in their mouth.

  5. My goodness the bites were heart stoppers on that swim bait. Quasimodo was a nice fish and unique for sure. Smallies and largemouth bass I'd take either or both too. Blessings this Easter holiday brother.

  6. Amazing. I am impressed. I probably still won't spend $25.00 for a bait. But enjoyed watching you! Just curious, was that the slow sinking model, fast sinking, or floating version? If I see a big sale sometime I possibly could be tempted to buy one.

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