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Fishing For Winter Largemouth Bass! Best Dam EVER!!!!(Witbank Dam South Africa) Part 1

In this episode I go to Witbank Dam to do some winter largemouth bass fishing. Witbank Dam has three sections, the river, the gorge and the main dam. Those are the reason why this dam is my favorite bass fishing spot in South Africa at the moment. The Diversity of the dam is huge.

I fishing my favorite part of the dam which is the gorge. The gorge is filled with rock and is very deep. This part of the dam is very good for winter fishing and that why I decided to fish the Gorge.

Witbank dam mostly produces fish for me on a lipless crank bait. I mostly throw it when i’m trying to locate fish. In this case I had located some fish on the lipless crank bait and started pulling out some fish with the lure.

The main lure and rig that worked really well for me was the neko rig. the Neko Rig was a very subtle presentation with very little action and the bass couldn’t stand it. I used a 6th sense divine shaky head worm for my neko rig, a small finesse wide gap hook and a very light weight nail weight.

The Neko rig has been my favorite finesse presentation for the winter time.

Bait used in videos:

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