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SWIMMING in my Backyard POND! With HUGE BASS and Baby Fish that just hatched out!!!

The Pond has become its own full blown ecosystem!!!
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  1. Hey Rob it Has been Along time since I have commented on your videos been a sub and watcher of your videos for aprrox. 4 or 5 years now yes A LONG time just wanted to tell you I love your videos andย Have enjoyed your videos for a very long time even inspiration to move from Reno, Nevada to Lakeland Florida yes I have watched you and your family grown over the years and Im proud of you !! your a True inspiration!! thanks Bud!!

  2. You need some fertilizer in there! Good aquarium fertilizer at least from my experience gardening light or yellowing leaves often means you need fertilizer when itโ€™s healthy itโ€™ll have lush rich dark green colors

  3. Hey Rob, do you think you will ever get any Snakes or Gators in that Pond if you put one in the ground. You know how Fla. is, they are every where. Please watch the Girls. Be Safe.

  4. Well Mr. Robert, I have to tell you one thing to you that, Sara is also blessed to have a husband like you….. You are really an awesome guy……
    After Bear Grylls, I become your fan the way you perform your work…..

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