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Big Largemouth Bass on the Hellgrammite

ight Fishaholic’s hope you enjoyed! Just by the look of this little bait anybody who fishes would know it catches bass but heres the proof it can catch big Largemouth Bass.

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Nikko Hellgrammites
Green Pumpkin

Watermelon Red Flake
The Hellgrammites are biodegradable, scented floating soft baits

Reel, Penn Battle 2 1000
Rod, 6’6″ St.Croix Triumph Travel Spin Rod
Line: 10lb Power Pro
Leader: 12lb Fluoro


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  1. Great video! I just got started fishing with Nikko baits this season, AND Scott was the seller on eBay that I went with. Turns out he is local to me to boot! Very helpful guy. I have made numerous purchases and he even sent an extra pack of one of the baits I got, in a now discontinued color, from his personal stock. 👍

  2. yo i see you have no peacock bass up there you ever in south florida hit me up ill put you on em best time oct to march but i can find em year round but big fish come out in winter most guys fish the spawn during summer not me check my channel for the biggest peacock ever

  3. nikko baits are ridiculous and straight fish catchers. ive caught literally everything in freshwater on them.Not trying to plug here but check out @DMyersWNY on insta and see all the great fish I've caught on Nikko baits they are beyond amazing baits. Things are superbaits.

  4. 3" soft plastic hellgramites on a 1/16 or 1/8 ounce jighead are perfect spring soft plastics for largemouths and smallmouths in the Northeast. I have caught lots of bass in a small muddy pond from March to June with the Mister Twister Twistermite.

    And seeing you said that pond you were fishing holds lots of pickerel, how bout a topwater only pickerel video! Loud buzzbaits and prop baits in late May and early June.

  5. Great vid. We nearly all started freshwater! Any chance your site will have the white pencil popper back in stock soon? Blue looks good but if you're getting more white I'll buy one!

  6. Huge schools of stripers and blues in the bay 2night, gigantic marks on the fish finder and spooking huge fish on the surface. None of them wanted 2 eat anything I threw at them. Guys using bait had no luck either. What's with these goofy fish?

  7. Yup… take them back. That’s the problem with the US consumer… we have been conditioned to accept the sub standard. Don’t do it. Don’t feel bad … take the defective products back. 👍

  8. Hellgramites make a great live bait also, but be careful they do bite, feels like a double bee sting or a seaworm pincers bite.Hellgramite flies are fantastic. They're black with a red abdomen, cost a whopping 89 cents a piece and are attacked with a vengeance by bass (LM &SM),trout and any larger members of the panfish family. Get a few,break out the fly rod and have a ball.

  9. As Lon as your enjoying the vaycay make the vids. If it feels like more work than fun then eff the vids. I went on that cruise and it was epic. Out of Bayonne. Went to Bermuda, st Martin, San Juan, st Thomas and back up 9 night ten day.

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