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Crazy Karen/Ken While Bass Fishing | Bass Fishing

Ever been harassed or confronted by insane homeowners while fishing? Here are three true stories! What are yours?

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  1. Hi Glenn my tale wasn't with a dock holder it involved another boater, I was the observer in this incident. I was fishing Lake Roosevelt in AZ and I came on a fisherman who was fishing a bank. If you're familiar with this lake, it's huge, it turns out that on that day a bass tournament was taking place. Of course most of those guys have high powered rigs and were racing to get to a spot perhaps they found pre-tournament. As it turns out two or three boats past by that fisherman and one actually stopped a little ways from that guy. As soon as they stopped that fisherman started screaming about the tournament and you blankity blank bass fishers have no right to use the water he was on. To be fair I personally would not have stopped as close as they had stopped by him. Next thing you know this guy is trying to hit them or their boat with some heavy tackle. They actually didn't move but did exchange insults and curses with the guy, I personally think they did the bass fishing community a dis-service. Since I was young I always thought there was an unwritten rule not to infringe on someone's fishing a spot. Now if he is moving along the bank I have no problem following behind him at a reasonable distance . . .if I really want to fish that spot. If he's sitting still, I wave ask how he's doing and move on and come back later, no harm no foul.

  2. I can't fish fish 🐠🐟🐠🐟. I fish people. When I was s teen and in Canada I was on the lake and tried to fish but for some reason I hooked the hook on A person and they fell in the lake. Ugh 😩 I think my Karen was the guy I caught

  3. I remember one weekend I was at a buddies lake house and I woke up early while everyone else was still drunk and sleeping from too much partying the night before andi caught the HUGEST BASS I EVER CAUGHT on a fire tail worm and brought the bass back inside the house and woke my brother up to go fishing by slapping him in the face with my fish!!! 😅😅😅 Good times!!!

  4. I have no idea why my wife sent me this video to watch. I'm not a fishermen. I gotta say though, this video applies to every facet of life. The world would be a much better place if we can simply take responsibility when it's due. A lot of times, things work out better. Hit a sign in the drive through once, they were so impressed I came in and took responsibility, they never asked me to pay for it.
    Same thing when I was building my own firecrackers in high school. When I heard they had been found, I turned myself in and let the local PD know it was me. Ended up serving the Navy to make up for it. Came away with free tuition in the end.
    Moral is, just take care of your own mess. It literally makes the world a better place. Knowing what your talking about is always a bonus.

    Fair winds and following seas!

  5. Fishing on the Colorado River below Davis dam a few years back (was pulling in nice size trout Nice man and wife
    Was fishing next to us I just put away my fishing gear, bunch of kids on wave runner started yelling and screaming that this old man and wife both had slingshot and they were shooting Frozen grapes at these kids for scaring away their fish ,(was a Great show still laugh Every time we Drive past Davis campground don't mess with Grandma and Grandpa

  6. It's Karen's and Kyle's, not Ken.

    Always call a Karen's bluff.
    They always think they own everything.
    My go to is, "I own the air" "you're breathing my air, if you don't immediately stop I'm calling the police"

  7. Hate to burst bubbles buuut most states your lake /stream fronted "property" ENDS several Ft. From edge of PUBLIC waterway.
    Point of fact warf/dock if not approved by Corps of Engineers is illegal. And like YOUR mail box YOU put up.
    Once placed on right of way,legally is Fed. Property. Only gated communities with private lake , can property owner claim dock as "private" property.

  8. Last year my dad and I were fishing for red fish in VA Beach on my boat at night. We were fishing next to a dock with lights. Up the hill was a multi million dollar mansion. Some big huge black dude came storming down to the dock telling us he was going to call the police and that we were trespassing. We had no clue who this guy was but he clearly thought he owned the entire water. We sat there for a while anchored down right next to his dock until we weren’t catching any fish and got tired of his mouth. The next day I hopped on Google and looked up his address to figure out who lived in the mansion. Turns out we were arguing with Bruce Smith. #1 pick in ‘85 draft, pro-bowler for the Redskins!

  9. Last summer I whiteness a shore fisherman cussing out fisherman on a boat for fishing around the same area he was casting. They were not even close to in range of casting on top of each other, but the shore fisherman insisted they leave because "they had the whole lake" since they were on a boat. I have logged far more hours fishing from shore than from a boat, and sure, I often wished I wasn't limited to the areas I could get to by foot. I can sympathize with "boat envy" but I found that person's attitude absolutely absurd. Far more absurd even than the home owners who seem to believe they own the water.

  10. There’s always that one , on land or in a boat . I’ve been 30 miles offshore n had em . Surprisingly in my kayak , pontoon boats are the worse followed by wake boats

  11. As a Fisher and a cottage owner, I can attest that it really annoys me when we are out sitting on our dock socializing and someone comes by to within conversation distance and starts fishing around the dock. It's that disrespect of other persons right to have some degree of privacy. Plus just good manners…move along and fish that dock another day when no one is too here.

  12. I go to a local public park with a lake quite often. This park is quite expansive it has miles of hiking and biking trails. I found this pond tucked away near the horse trail. Upon inspection on Google maps discovered it was within the park limits. There's a house tucked away up a hillside near this pond. I've fished it maybe a dozen times and always pull some very chunky bass out of it. Since it's small I always put the fish back and tend to not fish it for very long. One day this dude comes out of his house yelling at me that I can't fish there unless I ask him for permission first. I said sure I would do that if it were in fact on his property. He said it is his property. I showed him Google maps as well as a park map provided by a ranger that shows its within the park. He said he didn't care he requires that I ask for permission to fish it. Well I just don't go there anymore. As fun as the fishing is in that little hole, it's not worth the arguments to fish it. I also second on hook removal! We are a small community of people who fish. Don't be a jerk, remove your hook and if you don't know how ask. Someone will gladly help show you. Also don't be a litter bug. Clean up your trash and your unspooled line. It gives us all a bad name and we actually care about the water and it's conditions.

  13. Washington has a law about harassing people fishing also. They can be arrested for it. I almost had to have someone arrested when I lived there a few years ago. I've since moved back to GA my home St.

  14. Me and wife went to lake draper in okc where we live and as we were packing up to leave a car pulled up they never got out and as we were packed driving away another vehicle pulled up! We got home got cleaned up bye that time we watched the news and right were we were that first car pulled up will they got shot and killed.we would if called told police but we didn't get tag numbers and or make or model we didn't think anything like that would happen

  15. I haven't even on lake and this happen, but years ago I took my mom surf fishing for mother's day. We travel further to fish at this place that's more for people fishing and not really a place where people take their family's/kids to swim. Well we were fishing for small whiting and pompano, and since it was mother's day alot of people flooded the beaches and Caused more people to travel to a less crowded beach.. Now we get there at like 6am, first ones on the beach, about 12pm the beach is packed full of people. Well this lady comes up to my mom and I and cursed us out so bad. Saying we were trying to get people killed by sharks.. I was with my mom so I hid the side of me that would of normally snapped back lol, and was just nice to her said we were sorry, and she continued to curse us out. I just decided to move because I didn't want to deal with her and the people there and I look back at her to wave and say look we are moving and she just gave us the finger. Lol it's like we couldn't even make her happy by doing what she wanted.. karens..

  16. I haven’t had any problems myself, everyone I met has been super nice.

    I did see Kristine Fischer recently posted a video with a bunch of Kens.

  17. You need to start filming yourself fishing with a GoPro. This way when someone threatens physical or lethal harm to you or your constituents, you then have proof. At which point you call the police, show them the video, and press charges.

    Anything less than that only promotes that behavior from that mentally deranged woman.

  18. Oh man I cant believe someone do something like that, specially to someone with your personality, I am glad in all cases you handle it like a pro and I wish we see less of these peoples around.
    I actually afraid of getting shot, Thats why I never walk to some land with no mark just to be safe 😬.

  19. You know Glenn who do these people think they are ridiculous nothing better to do but bother us fisherman I'm waiting for someone to do that to me because I'm going to let them have it. I'm I saw some lady curseing out two young 17 yr old kids just trying to catch a bass I couldn't believe how mad she was getting. Ps Glenn that lady in the picture in your video looks like a nut bag from the movie.

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