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Whopper plopper 60 bass fishing! Top water bass fishing!

My Whopper plopper 60 series didn’t fail me again, by far my favorite top water bass fishing lure.

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Battery charger:

Whopper plopper 60, great price and fast shipping!:

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My reel

My rod Dobyns Fury 734C

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  1. I've been using a whopper plopper for a about a year now, every weekend just about. I have yet to catch a fish on it. So I took the hooks off and salvaged all I could from it. And put it in my trash can. Worse lure I've ever tried.

  2. How many times did Ruger jump in the water? What beautiful scenery. So peaceful. Glad to see you taking the day off and enjoying fishing.

  3. Hello Andrew how it going man? I know I have been MIA on the channel for a while now. I have been really sick in & out of the hospital. I damaged my muscles and nerves in my feet 🦶 & I have been in a lot of pain. I was in a wheelchair for a while cuz I can't walk , I couldn't put my flip flops 🩴 on cuz it hurts so bad & I just have not been watching you tube for a while now. Happy Easter to you & your family & good to see you fishing man with you been so Busy. Your fishing buddy got really really big man. Take it easy buddy.

  4. Nothing like huntin or fishin at daybreak – calm, peaceful, serenity at it's finest! Ruger did well for bein a pup. Glad to see you takin some well earned "ME" time. 💜💜

  5. Jimmy Houston was just taking about Whopper Poppers the other day when the fish aren't bitting one of those baits will put them in the boat thanks for taking an old man fishing with you

  6. Great to se you having good time outside on the water with Ruger, My husband just returned home a couple hours ago desperate because the sea decided to keep his favorite rare lure:((( Fortunately managed to find one on eBay, ordered it immediately and that one is going to end in his collection of loved lures:)))

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