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Catch BIG Bass in the Wintertime! Spinnerbait Fishing!

Catch BIG Bass in the Wintertime! Spinnerbait Fishing! – Learn why Jason Christie chooses to fish a Spinnerbait in the wintertime. Jason explains his process on selecting a willow leaf spinnerbait or Colorado blade covert series spinnerbait. When spinnerbait bass fishing in the wintertime, Jason likes a certain yum swim’n dinger in clear water and a different soft plastic in dirty water. Wintertime bass fishing can produce some giant bass – learn how to fish spinnerbait with the best spinnerbait tips from bassmaster elite series pro, Jason Christie.

Booyah Covert Series Spinnerbait –
Yum Swim’n Dinger –
Falcon Cara Eye Crosser Rod –
Lew’s Hypermag SLP –
Sunline Power 2C FC Fluorocarbon Line (20 lb) –

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Falcon Rods –
Lew’s Reels –
Lurenet Baits –
SunLine –
Trokar Terminal Tackle –

Garmin –
The Bass Tank –
T-H Marine –

Costa Tuna Alley – ​

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** BOAT **
Xpress Boat –
Yamaha Motor –
PowerPole –
Seadek –
Easy Step –


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  1. Northern Indiana, and I basically swear by a spinner bait – Booyah Pond Magic or a Jimmy Houston Legend with a swim bait trailer. I try other lures, with varying levels of success, but the spinner is my go to lure in any body of water – especially in late spring and summer.

  2. Spinnerbaits are my Confidence lure, I Always have one tied on. For me there's not a better spinnerbait on the market than a BooYah! There's just something unique about them?
    You mentioned "Feeling the Bite" The feeling of that "Crunch" when you fell the blades connect with the rest of the bait, Only 1 thing that can mean. Fish On! I Love that feeling! My PB here in Ohio is 7-8, on a Slow rolled spinnerbait. I have always fished my spinnerbaits on a 5:4-1 gear ratio. Great videos.

  3. One way I've learned with keeping tip of index finger on your line when you feel the smallest variation change in your line a tick you'd feel with index finger on line. Another big factor is having a quality rod to feel with thumb on the shaft of the pole. Why it's good to have a graphite rod. Of course when using a rod with treble hooks or spinner bait buzz bait or light wire hooks you want a 6'6 graphite rod with moderate fast action tip for these types of lures.

  4. I watched this video when it was released, and really thought about what you said about detecting the bite. Multiple times I would be rolling in spinnerbait and think that the blades were fouled only to find out they were not, when I got it to the boat. I was missing bites. I died laughing the first time I felt that again and I reeled down and set the hook. Was just a three pounder, but put to use what I’ve learned. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Love ya videos an love throwing spinnerbaits myself an it’s really good in the pickwick around McFarland I’m really blessed to live here with all the great fishing , keep ‘em winter times videos rolling good luck here coming up for you.

  6. Hey man, first time subscriber to your channel….im REALLY surprised you don’t have more subscribers or viewers. I’ve watched about 6 of your vids tonight alone haha. Keep up the good work man!

  7. Dang. Time for me to eat some crow. A few weeks ago on a live stream I saw you comment and I thought you were the wannabe Jason Christie. I made a comment “that’s not the real JC”. I was wrong and I am sorry. I should not have commented on something I wasn’t sure about. I’m liking the new channel. I hope you will accept a sincere apology. Tight lines!!

  8. Jason, you emphasized how important the trailer is on a spinnerbait, but what about a trailer hook? I've heard it's super important but I've also seen the complete opposite.

  9. Jason do you ALWAYS throw a trailer on your blades? I have tried trailers and always end up with short strikes vs no trailer and they engulf it. What’s the time to throw trailer vs non

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