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BUSTING BASS for Intense Action (Fishing is for the Birds)!

Amazing footage of bass in wolf packs driving shad into coves! Bass fishing at Lake Berryessa in the spring can be very explosive with lots of action! Watch how I locate the schools of bass chasing shad to the bank and corralling them up! Action can be fast and furious getting multiple hits on a single cast! Schools of 3 to 4 pound bass pound on these shad. Watch this video and see how I do it!


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  1. The boils have always been at Berry. I remember back in the early 70s when I was a teen fishing with one of my dads friends in his boat and seeing these boils just come out of nowhere and the shad were being chased and you could see the shad actually jumping onto the shore to escape! Never seen anything like that before. And recently we fished a boil along the shore and caught bass and trout in that boil. Would not be surprised if there were cats and crappie down there also. Very exciting bc you just don't know what your going to catch!

  2. Do you ever throw arigs and or flukes when chasing bass feeding on shad schools. Often I find them busting shad, but find it difficult to get them to hit a hard bait. Especially when the bait is very small. Do you try to match the hatch with your baits when chasing feeding packs of fish?

  3. I was in that neighborhood last week, but the birds and bait were slightly north of there. Unfortunately if there fish undernmeath them, they gave no sign of feeding. I've seen many bait balls this year on both the west and east shores, but very little activity, cept the birds. Maybe I was there too early in the day?

  4. Hello Alan, a fisherman’s dream coming around the corner and see fish blowing up, awesome, I did notice that you do not make quick jerks when you are working your jerkbait is that your usual technique, catch you next time🎣👊👍

  5. Headed to Berryessa for first time this Wed/Thurs (5/24 & 25). What area of the lake/launch do you recommend using for kayak bass fishing? Thanks for this and all your videos! Long time subscriber, first post.

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