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These BASS Were SUPPOSED To Be SHALLOW But They WERE Deep!! || Lake Gaston Bass Fishing

On today’s video I headed out to fish on Lake Gaston! The water has finally warmed up and the fish pushed shallowor so I thought!! I figured out the bite and caught a few decent fish! Check it out!! #bassfishing #bigbass #basstournament

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Wrath by Alexander Nakarada |
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  1. Man i really appreciate your videos. I like that you discuss the weather conditions what your purposed plan of attack will be. Also like the words you put in like 30 min. no bites. Its all most like fishing in the boat with you. Great job and please keep them coming.

  2. Man you skip just like Andy! Man you can do anything! Your the best! Keep on keeping on brother! Is the river more un crowded than the lake? You seem to do the River more!

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