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Big Bass love Shiners

I explain the way I catch and keep my own shiners. The new free line technique is shown as well as the new circle hook that is now required on Headwaters Lake! I finally cast to some hyacinths and a tree monster is caught!


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  1. Mr Roland, my father in law and I are coming in to fish the stick marsh in March. Will a pontoon boat be able to be launched there. I know it's not the ideal bass boat but it floats haha. Love the channel my man!

  2. My sister is a manager for a resort chain down there in central FL. What must I do to fish with you for a day? I'll clean the grass off your baits, I won't talk if you're filming, I'll be a human trolling motor if the battery fails and fight gators off your big fish with brass knuckles or a cattle prod. I guess mud fish is a Florida thing because other states try to call them fancy names. I call them gator/bird food, especially on the Withlacooche River during a dry season. Toss the 20 gators in the hole you're fishing a few mud fish and they will leave your bass alone…sometimes.

  3. I was lucky enough to fish Headwaters in early January and boated a 9.39# bass of a lifetime. Even luckier to get to meet this gentleman who took time out to let me take a selfie! Now, which one to put on the wall? ya, I think the pic with Mr. Martin

  4. February of 2020, right before the COVID mess, I caught an 8 and an 8:2 on shiners on Okechobee out of Roland Martinโ€™s Marinaโ€ฆ love, love, love shiner fishing! Met Roland there actually the first time I shiner fished probably 35 years ago! Been there a dozen times throughout the years. Roland is as good as he seems!

  5. love it, gone down every spring to shiner fish.. but i wish you would use your platform Roland to help stop the FWC from spraying and killing so many lakes down there. over the last 10 years most of my shiner spots are dead because of it!!

  6. Mr Martin I have big tackle box I love it but it stating to be heavy for us young guys I am 62 lol what kind to you recommend I have watched you for years you bill dance and Jim Houston you guys are my favorite

  7. Hey Roland! Me and some of my family are taking a trip from Washington state to Florida to do some bass fishing but we can't find anyone to rent us a small aluminum boat, do you know of anyone who could rent us a small boat for a week? love the videos! Thanks!

  8. Absolutely pure entertainment Roland. Hey my buddy Shane fished with you on the 17th of January. He had a great time. Thanks Roland for your videos, tips, and years of bass fishing. Son!!!

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