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The #1 Bass Fishing Lure in the World: The Wacky Rig (How-To Rig)

How I setup one of the best fishing lures In the entire world. The wacky rig. Absolute fish catching Machine.
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  1. Been bass fishing for 50 years. Have used wacky rig Senkos since they became popular. Today is the first time seeing the crossover pliers gadgets or rings. I generally use o rings and if I run out I may make a trip to a Lowe’s or Home Depot to re supply. Enjoy your videos. I liked that you owned up to missing your target when skipping. I have said many times when I watch a successful skip “ these guys are good”. And then I think time on the water.

  2. Its medium or medium heavy power not action. Action is usually extra fast, fast, moderate etc. I hear pros mix up the power and action on rod specs all the time.

  3. I know your videos get a lot of comments, and you probably don't get to all of them, but something I've been doing recently is wacky rigging Zoom finesse worms and trick worms (either in pink, sprayed grass, or something similar) usually with a #2 hook, and a 1/32 to 1/16 oz bullet sinker with a bobber stop within a half inch of the eye of the hook..and I have absolutely slayed some really quality bass in central Illinois and elsewhere with this technique. It's much more finesse than most people care to throw, but I feel that ultra slow action, along with intermittent rod twitches, gives this bait a very realistic presentation. I took 2nd place single handedly, in the back of the boat, in a small lake I'd never fished doing this against 27 other boats (my partner didn't land a keeper) skipping this setup in pink under overhanging trees..it's worthwhile when the fish are shallower, and relating to that kinda structure and shade, or for bed fishing.

  4. Hey man super easy video thanks for all you do to help us… I would like to see how you rig up different weights for worm fishing, power and finesse if you would please, been a big fan for long time. GOD bless you and your family

  5. I have a different idea that works for me !!!! I use a senko with heatshrink tubing heated up tight in the same spot as you and put the hook down through the heartstrings and senko. I can catch 5 to 10 bass on one sensor. Try it, you might like it!!!!

  6. Your aspect ratio is off for mobile phone viewing. For instance, my Galaxy clips off your intro by about a letter. It looks like it says ASS Fishing. Just a friendly comment

  7. Big goggan guy here,, I think your more informative, goggan levs is great n all but I think you cover the bases more in layman's terms or somethin like that.

  8. Curious why you don't center the o-ring on the bait to get that horizontal shimmy. And to the non-experts, don't overwork the bait! Cast it, or skip it and just let it sink slow.

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