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BASS FISHING with LIVE BAIT! The EASIEST way I know to CATCH fish!

In this video I am going to show you guys how to catch and use live shad to catch bass. This is a great way to teach a kid or anyone who is inexperienced how to fish. This is a simple, but very effective way to catch any kind of fish. Follow along with me on a very fun day on the water.


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  1. I’d say 90% of my fishing my whole life is live bait. I was never big with artificial. From Worms,small bait fish, no matter live or artificial, as long as I’m fishing , it’s all good. Great video bro.

  2. You are so right. Its such a waste of what few days most of us have to just FISH, trying to fish for enjoyment limited to contest rules. Stupid and expensive. I like the way you think.

  3. Fishing with minnows for bass/crappie/catfish. Thats how i was raised on. I try artificial lures, but they aren't as successful to me at least.

  4. Hey man, ive lived in Ohio since 2014, nwo by toledo, and havent caught a single bass. Im a bobber/worm guy. Any tips on areas to try, bait to use, etc. Im from NY and not catching bass is painful to me lol

  5. Really like your channel. I too like to catch fish and have fun. Live bait is just a great way to catch them. Taught my kids using live bait and crappie grubs. You are a very versatile fisherman. Enjoy not only your bass fishing but you share great crappie techniques.

  6. Dang bro I went fishing the other day and some guy was using these fish idk what they were called but he caught like 5 keepers all biggins the smallest one was around 3 and biggest around 10

  7. Live herring, shad or a big minnow will always get bit! Using a good cork is always fun as well..takes you back to the good ol days!! Love the video!!

  8. I’ve used the crappie magnet baits and they’re great. Bobby Garland makes a great split tail also. I haven’t used the crappie bites but I have cuz that won’t leave home without them. I do use scent and I believe it helps. I would like your opinion on line. I’ve used Mr. Crappie for a while in 4lb high viz. I noticed you flip them in and grab the line. That don’t go over too well with Mr. Crappie. What’s your opinion.

  9. That is just awesome!! You gave me a good idea for taking my girlfriend out on the yaks. She struggles to catch fish sometimes and I believe this could be fun for the both of us!! I have never used a cast net before so gotta learn that. I went to north sauty creek Thursday and only caught two bout 10-12” so didn’t do so good. Although the grass looked great

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