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Building Your FIRST Tackle Box (What’s Inside?) – “Bass Fishing For Beginners”

You or someone in your life has gotten into fishing, and you want to build a FIRST tackle box! The issue is though, that you probably don’t know what fishing lures for beginners are the BEST, and what they NEED in their bass fishing tackle box! In this video, I show you exactly what a beginner bass angler needs so they can go have fun and catch fish at the pond or the lake!

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Thank you to Academy in Frisco, Tx. for letting me film in their store!

Video About Lure Colors:
Soft Plastic Worm:
Soft Plastic Jerkbait:
Creature Bait:
Squarebill Crankbait:
Lipless Crankbait:
Topwater Popper:
Whopper Plopper:
3/0 Wide Gap Hook:

Building Your FIRST Tackle Box (What’s Inside?) – “Bass Fishing For Beginners”

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Welcome!
0:38 – IN PERSON
0:56 – The Box Itself
2:11 – Lure Category 1
4:30 – Lure Category 2
7:18 – Lure Category 3
8:39 – Hooks & Weights
10:20 – Accessories
10:54 – GIVEAWAY!


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  1. I'm subscribing. I used to fish with my Dad and uncles when I was younger quite a bit but the family split up and the hobby never really came to fruition. Now being 27 I am putting together my first tackle box to start fishing and your video was exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you man for the work you put in to help others develop into the hobby. Saved me hours of research.

  2. It’s too late. I’m glad I found this video though. Me and my 5 year old niece have been fishing lately and I would totally give her this tackle box so her and I could go through it and just have a blast. Good video man

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  4. If I would have got here sooner I would have given it to my dad we just got a pond and stocked it with bass that he wants to start catching but he has nothing to catch them with

  5. I don’t think this is available anymore, but I would give this to my papa. He always lets us use his lures, so I would give him these as a thank you present.

  6. Great video but I’m a little surprised you didn’t list the final cost. Still, I’m definitely sending this video to two friends of mine who started fishing last year.

  7. I would like to give this First Tackle Box to my grandson who would like to learn how to fish. His father is not into hunting or fishing so it will be up to me to teach him. PS: Love your videos.

  8. I know I’m very late but my dad had a stroke and we had to take him off of life support at a young age for me and I never was able to learn how to fish the way he did. I’ve been looking for a loooong time for someone to teach me or give me insight because it makes me feel closer to him and my grandpa who doesn’t have much time left himself. I went out again and again and again and again and never got a single bite. I don’t want to give up though. I want to catch my first bass and your videos give me hope that I can. If I were to get this box….I know it may sound selfish but I would keep it and use it to its fullest. Wish me luck as we go into this early spring season.

  9. Great video Tyler! Our family just recently moved to East Texas and my son is starting to get into Bass Fishing, he’s new to it, but very excited to learn and wants to fish for his schools team. I’ve been wondering what to get him to set him up for success and your video gave me a great place to start. Little late for the giveaway, LOL, but never the less thanks for the tips and keep up the great work! We’re really enjoying and learning a lot.

  10. if i win ill prolly keep that tacklebox and give the rest of the lures to my brother in law with one of my cheaper tacklebox and let him have all the lures. speaking the truth honestly.

  11. Hey Tyler – I wanted to reach out and tell you you how much I appreciate your work. I had a massive brain hemorrhage on June 2 of this year, it left me slightly wonky but really I was very lucky – (God loves me even with all my warts 🙂 ) Anyway, I had never fished before – You’re gonna be mad about this but I live on a little lake in Olympia, WA (With some decent bass in it) and I only started fishing because I couldn’t work and was getting depressed and needed to find a hobby, so at age 61, I started watching your videos, bought some stuff and started catching fish. It’s really helped me transition from 38 years of chasing bad guys and convincing myself I am a badass and learning a fun hobby that keeps me busy.

    Thanks for your work (I am sending you a few $) thanks for your spirit and thanks for being a brother in the Lord.

  12. it took me till 3:49 to realize this guy is talking straight out of his ass no hate just dont agree with some stuff your saying man yet great quality vid

  13. I have been fishing on and off since I was a kid. In recent times I have labelled myself the worst fisherman of all time. In the last year going out several times a week I have caught only 5 fish. 2 trout, 1 bass and 2 small catfish. I am ready to throw all my gear in the trash, as a pastime has become the most depressing thing I do. Your you tube series is my last ditch attempt to catch anything on a half decent basis. You talk about catching 11 fish in one sitting, that is beyond thinking about unless I was using hand grenades. Starting back at the beginning to learn all over again! It's make or break time.

  14. As a woman, it definitely can be intimidating to start off. But thanks to this video, I just loaded up my basket with all the essentials!! Fish On!!!

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