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Bass Fishing UK – Crazy session 30 fish in 2 hours

How, where and when to catch Bass! this is one of my best sessions this year and thankfully I managed to catch some of the many Bass we had in a few hectic hours.
Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

0:00 Intro
1:54 Where to catch Bass
1:14 When to catch Bass
4:01 How to catch Bass
4:33 Bass fishing tackle
5:15 lures for Bass


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  1. Nice session, I have sessions in Ireland like this sometimes. Caught a huge seatrout yesterday evening i took a quick clip of it and left it go. Some fight off a 4lbs seatrout

  2. Very informative video some great tips
    Put my carp gear away this year and will be trying out lure fishing fresh water and sea for a change

  3. I think the "where" does matter. On my local beaches you never get Spring tide high water at dusk or dawn. They are always around midday or midnight. The best tides for us are mid-range ones. Mind you, mid-range here is bigger than anything Cornwall will ever see!

  4. Just discovered your channel, and really enjoyed your clear informative style, have subscribed and looking forward to future sessions.
    Many thanks.

  5. The common theme on all these videos is white wash water, oxygen rich water. Bass don't need to work hard to move in white water. They can stay stable and attack prey without burning up energy

  6. Absolutely brilliant video, really informative and helpful. There was some fantastic tips and advice, which I have already taken on board. Can't wait to get out again and put them to the test. Glad I found your channel! Subscribed of course!!👍👌

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