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Abandoned Fish FOUND Living in BLACK MUD POND!

In todays video, I drain one of my backyard pool ponds that I have abandoned after it was destroyed in the hurricane and I found some INSANE fish living inside of this black mud water. I want to do something new with this pond so I decided to get rid of all the fish and start fresh! Inside this pond was redtail catfish, pacu, oscar’s, plecos, cichlids, AND MORE! We transported all the fish to pond x, so let me know what you want me to do with the pool pond next!

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  1. The way you handle the fish is just so wrong you make out like you care about fish and just chuck and throw them into water from a height what a twat I'd kick the shit out of you if you did that to my fish

  2. Love the videos of yours I’ve seen so far. I’m a relatively new subscriber so apologies if I’ve missed the explanation but Is Pond X like a private pond shared by a number of residents? Or is it Public? I’m curious.

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