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Bass Fishing Tournament Pre-Fish | New Melones

I have never Bass fished at New Melones, But always heard great things about it. It’s a gorgeous lake! My day started out with A LOT of “WTF!?” moments, but over time I figured out the finicky fish and how to get them to bite. Spring time Bass fishing is my favorite, and I Have more tournaments at New Melones coming up soon!

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All my Gear listed below!

13 Fishing C2 Gen 2-
13 Fishing Axum-
Shimano Vanford-

13 Fishing Omen-
13 Fishing Envy-

My Camera Gear:
GoPro 11-
00:00 Introduction
00:18 MEGA School
01:55 WTF Moment #1
03:11 WTF Moment #2
04:37 Fish Almost jumps In My Kayak
05:32 Fish Catch
06:01 WTF Moment #3
06:47 Figured Them Out/Fish Catches


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  1. Your in the wrong area there in the backs of creeks
    Carson creek and coyotee arm we had 15 pounds throwing jigs 1/2 oz pb and j color brown trailor
    Were practicing for our club tournament you have to drag plastics slow

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