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Bass Fishing Tip : How to Fish on Rainy Days

The weather isn’t always ideal for our comfort on bass fishing days, it seems like torrential rains are forecast every time I have a bass fishing tournament. Here’s the great news, in some cases, rain can improve your day of fishing. Check out these bass fishing tips from Pete Gluszek and learn how to fish in the rain.

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  1. I was cleaning up yesterday by a house owners lake front and picked up a pallet and there were half a dozen craw dads under it. Huge ones. No littler guys. Mostly blue tinted. Don't know why i'm sharing this now but whatever. I didn't know they went to land and holed up in cold cold winter days.

  2. Crawfish are winter to spring and early summer , perch are spring and summer , match the bait what the bass are feeding on for the time of the year the season we are in and this will help you become a better bass fisherman

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