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Late Winter Bass Fishing On Toledo Bend

Mickey and I are getting a very late start on Toledo Bend in this video. It was a very icy morning, and I didn’t feel like freezing the first few hours of the day. We launched at Fin N Feather and fished from Housen to the Indian Mounds area.

We’re fishing right after an icy cold front that had moved through the area. Toledo is fishing very tough in general with the lack of good cover. Every week the air boats are running around spraying every little piece of grass they can find!

Anyways the only real pattern I had was fishing around stumps in the very backs of coves with a rage blade xcite shadnasty swimbait combo (no skirt) or that 2.5 square bill crankbait in a crawfish color. Just about every fish was relating to some kind of point in 2 to 8′ of water.

I probably should have fished more offshore spots, but I know it’s any day now that the largemouth bass will start to spawn on Toledo. I tend to find a lot of them on beds when the water hits 56 to 58 degrees.

One other thing to keep in mind is we want to practice catch and release during the spawn. Toledo has been in a downward spiral since 2018 and its up to us as the anglers to take care of the resource.

We’ll see you guys on the water!

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  1. Good vid buddy, that Mickey sure loves to go fishing 🎣 I’ll be heading up there today for back to back tourneys for my son with SETX high school fishing. Gonna check out your other vid. Tightlines Brother

  2. Is this true about them spraying I've been watching the Ken Smith series about tracking bass on toledo and I asked him about the spraying and supposedly they only sprayed a lil bit and even parks and wildlife are trying to figure out why the grass isn't growing. I also have a house up there in milam north of the bridge close to Holly park and I've been looking for year to see them spraying and I haven't seen it yet. Just curious cause I hate there's no grass either just like everyone else

  3. Enjoyed the video Lance! I myself do not understand why they continue to spray yet they have test plots around the lake trying to grow grass. Evidently, someone is not on the same program. They have killed this lake and I think now they know they have screwed up.

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