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Bass fishing Three Forks in my new air boat

It’s a windy, cool, rainy day on my airboat’s maiden voyage to Three Forks lake in Central FL near Palm Bay , FL. Air boat is the only access to the good fishing on this 20,000 acre lake! My power poles are not yet installed which would really help on this windy day but I’m still catching bass on worms, top water and shiners. This airboat will really pay off later this summer, particularly top water and worms for bass 8 pounds and bigger. On the 4 previous trips in another boat,we took 2 bass in the 10 pound class and a dozen more over 5 pounds. It’s practically virgin bass fishing! For a guided fishing trip with me contact:


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  1. I grew up watching you fishing and still love watching your fishing shows. You have taught me a lot and still do. You sir are one of the greatest fisherman there ever was. The good Lord has sure blessed you. You have always made it look so easy. Keep up the good work.

  2. the boat looks like loads of fun. Just want to give feedback on one of your videos where you fished with shiners but no floats. My wife and I tried it this evening and couldn't keep up with all the bass trying to get on our hooks. Thanks for the tip.

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