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Disqualifications in Bass Fishing – We Need Less Grey Area

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  1. Sorry dude. I've traveled my ass off…I've still been able to figure it out. Do you know what all 3 of you have in common? You've never had to run an event and be responsible for adult children.

  2. I agree with him 100% because its not a matter of cheating or trying to get an advantage. Whats next, the tire pressure on your trailer was too low? Petty BS. Imagine winning a tournament which might be the only one you ever win and they completely embarrass you at what should be a great moment in your life because your insurance check got lost in the mail and you havent been notified.

  3. Brian great video…i am with you on everything should be checked when you check in at the mandatory meeting. Also i am a old fart and still can remember that most rules were made because of guys using the gray area

  4. The bottom line is. You dont forget your drivers license. Are your car insurance do you. You all remember to buy all the electronics and have them installed on your boat paying attention to every bolt. Also, have your friends and family remind you to get your license. If that is what it takes. But they dont have to remind to buy electronics. The tournament organization should let you all know what licenses you need. Who cares about all you have to do and think about. Why change the rule and bed and sight fishing. They do that he'll you might as well say I'm going snagging today. You guys are supposed to be pros. Stop complaining.

  5. I feel that things take time to come full circle. Patience is a virtue. Also we sign up for it having the knowledge that all rules are not always black and white. Risk we take.

  6. B. Lat, I’m having anxiety from the lack of videos posted bro. I’ve been accustomed to watching your vids 2-4 a week just fishing. Help a brother out. I know theres more footage. 😂😂😂

  7. I rarely comment, but as the guy who used to write CG’s insurance I can shed light on your last point regardless who’s responsible. If the league doesn’t make it their responsibility to check your insurance coverage prior to the event, they release themselves from being liable. Bc if they miss one boater, or the coverage is not in force but your documentation says it is, they then accept that liability. So if they leave that in your court it remains your liability. Now will a lawyer do their best to expoloit that and go after the league anyway? Certainly, but he’s got to show the league as negligent to make them liable for your mistakes

  8. Having the organizations check everyone at the beginning of the season for licenses and insurance makes sense and avoids problems on the water with Game Wardens and if there are any accidents. At the end of the day, you are responsible for knowing all of the rules for your fishing organization and for fishing on public waters. Read them multiple times. Ignorance is not an excuse. All states have a Game rule book that spell out what needs to be in your boat, where and how you can fish, and what licenses you need. Also, you should know that the most restrictive rule between your organization and state is the one that applies. An example is Alabama rigs. Virginia has a 5 hook maximum. But in MLF BFL tournaments, it's 5 wires, 5 spinners, and 3 hook max. Also, why would you think that it would be okay to fish without a license during practice, and should not be disqualified? It is against the law. Purchase your licenses at the beginning of the year when you get your schedule and are paying for your tourneys. Common sense. Be professional. The fishing organization does not need to hold your hand.

  9. Proof of insurance and licenses proof at event registration. Not that hard to look at it and check a few boxes on the paper. Wake zones should be a time delay penalty. Speeding thru an area to make up time? Well guess what you just lost 20 mins tomorrow.

  10. I agree Brian. The organizations should set you up for success, not failure. Most folks don't realize just how much responsibility pro anglers have and how easy it is to accidentally overlook, or forget something. When you educate folks on the rules, there is no room for error because you were told vs. having to figure it our for yourself.

  11. I think there should be fines and penalties just like nfl, nba, etc for small things. Example, you get a ticket for being stopped in a no wake zone, that’s a penalty and your fine is the ticket fine, one of you guys show up with a dead fish on weigh in, that’s a penalty and a weight reduction. As far as DQ’s yes I agree with no having a fishing license. What the organization SHOULD do is like you said, lay the bag of snakes out on what requirements that should be taken care of before the tournament, a checklist of you will. That’s fair to say the tournament gave you what you needed and now it’s up to us to make sure those things are taken care of. That checklist should be given days prior of the tournament. Just my opinion

  12. Love this video! It is an amazing topic. I think the organizations should check all of the fisherman's licenses & have the info of which one to buy.

    Pre-emptive text with the info would be perfect.

  13. Absolutely right!!!! That deal w Swindle and w the NPFL guy had me pulling my hair out. It would be so simple to ELIMINATE either of those from EVER happening. I totally get personal responsibility and am a huge believer in it, but if you are the Organization running the show "administrative" kinda deals like that should be something you help the anglers look out for. As I said it would just be so easy…………

  14. We’ve been fishing our whole lives for the most part. A fishing license isn’t something new, that being said some people (like me) are not good with the online sales. There should be a check at the pre tournament meeting to make sure you are 100% good to go just in case, because it does make us look a little questionable in our sport.

  15. There should be something like a one time buy of a license that will cover you for the year for all the places y’all will be fishing for the year.

  16. since they post the schedule before any event occurs why then before final entry payment is allowed do they not then require proof of a valid fishing license and insurance. i think if the events, the ones i fish included, were do do this at least then everyone would have the proper credentials before you were ever allowed to make final entry payment. those that say well some guys just buy a 10 day license most places usually will let you buy them for specific dates even if they are in the future. yes fishing multiple states can be alot of money in fees and licenses but as professionals that is your job to know what you need before you "begin the job". just my 2 cents worth and this subject will be debated for a long time to come im sure.

  17. In my state, there is freshwater and saltwater licenses…but some areas require additional endorsements. You have to buy these endorsements if the body of water is in a certain watershed or another.

  18. Great topic B,such a Grey area in alot of those rules,that's what makes it such a tough sport,so many lil details/rules that you have to go by,and a DQ is a big deal the penalty is to bold on some if those rules imo.

  19. Each state should have a tent setup right there at blast off. Tournament officials should work with the state to get that in place. Then you can easily grab the license right before getting in the boat. Easy peasy.

  20. Wouldn't it make the most sense that if you don't have these things available at registration, you can't register? Apologies for my ignorance in the registration process if it's not that simple.

    Interested to hear your thoughts on Keith Poche's disqualification on Toledo Bend.

  21. Would be nice if they had links and info ready for you. But, you need to read the rules. I'm sure the insurance info is there. If your confused about what license to get, ask the tournament director about it. Set a reminder in your phone with a checklist of everything you need for every Monday. Call the fish and game depts or ask at the meeting.

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