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Bass Fishing Fontana Lake North Carolina

In today’s video, Christian and I go bass fishing at Fontana lake North Carolina. Fishing lake Fontana is one of North Carolina’s hidden gems being in the middle of the great smoky mountains national park. Bass fishing Fontana lake North Carolina is one of the deepest lakes in the country and has a healthy population of smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Fontana Lake is a clear water fishery and has some massive smallmouth and largemouth bass in it. Fontana lake fishing is nice because of how big Fontana lake is you will never have to be too close to someone on this lake. Fontana lake North Carolina produces a lot of electricity for the surrounding area, especially at the Fontana dam. Fontana dam North Carolina is very important for the surrounding areas and holds some pretty good fish too. Fontana lake bass fishing is some of the best fishing in western North Carolina. Lake Fontana North Carolina treated us pretty well this time and we will be back to fish Fontana lake. Lake Fontana NC is one of the most beautiful lakes in the surrounding area and I would recommend checking it out. This is especially true because it is located right in the heart of the great smoky mountains national park. Fontana lake bass fishing is what the lake is known for in the area. Fishing Fontana lakes is a relaxing experience you should try out. It is known for smallmouth bass lake Fontana and holds some giant smallmouth bass. Make sure you check out the channel for more North Carolina bass fishing and fly fishing videos. I also do river floats for smallmouth bass on the local rivers in western North Carolina.



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  1. You seem like really nice guys, but I just personally have a hard time watching videos with the chest Go-Pro. The entire screen is full of a reel and a pair of hands. I did subscribe, please try a different approach when filming.

  2. I camp on Fontana at least once every year, it is a hard lake to fish. Lots of nice fish out there but they are not easy to catch especially in warmer weather. Yall did good, but I have the best luck on colder water at that lake for whatever reason.

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