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In today’s video, I catch wild koi, goldfish, and swordtails that someone dumped in an urban canal in Miami, Florida! All the fish we netted we brought back to put into our own ponds and tanks!



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  1. Swordstails area community fish they get along with everyone and each other. Have nothing but swords in a 75 gal over 20 of each m&f all they want to do is breed there like rabbits.

  2. IM IN CENTRAL North Florida in Jacksonville ,and those Kinda of Fish (Except the Gold Fish ) can't survive here ,That's really cool that you can find and catch those kind of Fish ,keep on catching 💯🎣Good Job

  3. I keep saying it… get a square umbrella net. Drop it in. Then put your bread crumbs on the surface. When you see the hoard eating, lift out your umbrella.

  4. Just because a house or library is near by doesn’t mean they dumped the fish in the river! Those fish have been in those rivers for many years and breed. Fish do breed but doesn’t mean someone is always dumping them around the rivers

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