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This was an epic day of catching bass on a fly rod! Bass fly fishing never disappoints when you hook into big one! If you enjoyed this video please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE if you want to see more fishing videos, bass fishing videos, fly fishing for bass, fly fishing for bass with streamers, and fly fishing in the future!

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  1. Ok… So ive been fishing bass large and small. I use craw plastics. Top water frogs and bugs. Soft plastic swimbaits. Crank baits.

    But i always see these monster bass jumping at nothing. What are they jumping at? A little weeee fly? Blows me away.

  2. 4:40 that is how you end up with a 5 piece TFO rod rather than the 4 it was made as.. It's super easy/convenient to grab the rod higher up to bring the fish in, but you really have to be mindful to not do it, otherwise you'll end up snapping it.

    And again around 7:10.. making me nervous for you. keep the base of the rod in your left hand, point the tip up and behind your head to keep the line tight while bringing it closer, then reach out with right hand and grab the line

  3. Caught my first fish on the fly yesterday. First fish was a 2lb bass, caught 12 fish total with the biggest being 3lbs. It's crazy how much harder the fight feels on a fly rod. I got a 6 weight to use for bass and trout. Man I can't weight to get back out with the fly rod again.

  4. I've been fly fishing for years, but have really just started targeting bass. If I could pass along anything, try to reduce the number of false casts. Like you found out when you had a knot in your line, even imperfect casts can produce fish, so play every cast like you're going to hook up. The second thing, try not put your hand above the cork handle, it changes the intended flex of the rod and can cause the rod to break.

  5. I caught a skinny bass yesterday day so I caught a bluegill really quick and it just so happened to be perfect size for him to eat him and trimmed his fins and put it in the basses mouth and released him and watched the bass swallow the bluegill. Felt bad so I fed him

  6. Hint from a fly fisherman.

    Never ever…put your bloody fly on the water while trolling or sitting about. I had a 27 inch pickerel roll on a popper and swallowed it. Nearly took my rod and reel. I got it in net before it spit the hook.

    Personal best.

  7. Learn the double haul. I noticed when you thought your cast was short of where you wanted it,you yanked it out to recast. Fish it out. Then recast. Not being critical, just some tips after watching. Nice fish

  8. I am so jelly. I have tried catching a bass with a fly rod but haven't caught anything bigger than like 14-15 inches. The other day I caught a small one and a big one swallowed it and spit the poor thing out. It was still alive but all its fins were messed up.

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