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Basics of Frog Fishing and How to Fish Hollow-body Frog Lures

Hollow-body frog lures are exciting and effective bass fishing lures. They catch more than just largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. They are also great for musky, northern pike, snakeheads, and more. This video covers tips and tricks of fishing with hollow-body frog lures.

Kastking Speed Demon high-speed spinning reel
Diawa Regal LT spinning reel

Frogs shown in this video:
Lunkerhunt lunker frog
Scum frog little bigfoot
Scum frog original
Booyah pad crasher Jr.



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  1. Nat, you have the best bumper music! Your narration is clear & concise. I truly appreciate your humility, too. Excellent videos that, like ND Yak, deserve 10X the subs. Keep up the awesome work dude! Love and respect from Huskerville.

  2. Spinning reels have lower gear ratio ? While this may be true most spinning reels bring in just as much line if not more per spin of the handle and since their drag is not dependent on the gearing ratio (a baitcaster with high gear ratio can make less drag than one with low gear ratio) you can have both high gear ratio and lots of drag, making it idea for frog fishing

  3. iโ€™m very new to fishing and a frog+braid has muscled me through so many trees and bushes and getting lit up while youโ€™re plopping it along is an amazing feeling. fav type of lure for sure

  4. Great vid! In the last couple days filming vids Iโ€™ve had three hits on the frog and all three got away lol. First two the bass hit more of the edge of the frog the one today I just didnโ€™t get him. I even asked people to leave a comment on what I can do to increase my hook up ratio. Tonight I see this in my feed and Iโ€™m like ohhh I need to watch this! Thanks for putting it together!

  5. So glad I found you Nat. Really enjoying the content. As a new (bank) angler, I appreciate your straight to the point, clear & concise dialogue. Looking forward to learning more.

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