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3 MUST HAVE Baits for February Bass Fishing!

The top 3 baits for February bass fishing! February bass fishing can be a very tough time of year to fish especially in the beginning of February as some places still can’t even fish or the water is very cold. Using these February bass fishing baits you will be able to catch more fish in that cold water and these will be the first baits I throw later this month.

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Equipment used in this video:
Provoke 106: https://6thsensefishing.com/collections/provoke-106x-jerkbait

Provoke DD: https://6thsensefishing.com/collections/provoke-106dd

Ned Head: https://6thsensefishing.com/collections/divine-ned-football-jig-heads

TRD: fishusa.rv5k.net/ZQ6BRW

Shad Rap: fishusa.rv5k.net/oq40BY

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  1. This is about the 10th or so video of yours I had watched and I gotta say, great stuff!! So many good tips that I look forward to trying out as soon as the weather permits up here in Northern Jersey.

  2. Thanks Nathan. Blade baits still play in Febuary and I would have to say that would be my go too. I did like your choices also. I've caught bass on jerkbaits but because of water clarity were I fish it makes it tough.

  3. Good stuff Nathan! I use all 3 and the Zoom Ultravibe Speed Craw in Blackberry Texas rigged and dragging. The problem is, it's tough dragging something slowly in windy, 35 degree weather for a long time! Brrr! With the Shad Rap, do I want to crank it down and reel it slowly and keep it bouncing off the bottom or structure all the way back to the bank? The Deal works well at my lake for the Finesse TRD but, I'm now thinking that since I had success with the Blackberry Ultravibe Craw, I might try the green pumpkin Goby color. I don't have small mouth near me but, I assume it will work well on spots and Large mouth also. I have two Shad Raps, the 6 and the 7. On one of them I put quite a few Suspen Strips so I could make it suspend and, I could use it like a jerk bait. I reel it down and then every jerk can be upward due to the depth it reaches. It looks great in the water but, they haven't taken it like the Megabass jerk baits. Stay warm, 50's are on the way in the Northeast next week. Just gotta get through this vortex this weekend! Oh, which shoreline warms first? If it's North facing does that mean the Northern corner of the lake on a compass? Thanks!

  4. If you don't have ice why don't you fish? When I lived in Indiana I'd get jumpy for ice out and take my Go-Devil duck boat with straight shaft motor out and open the ice up myself. I'd get speed and slide up on the ice with the flatbottom…it'd bust and I'd keep moving forward. I've caught alot of good fish from areas I opened up myself. Best part is, there is absolutely Zero competition (from boat or ice fishermen or bank fishermen either)! πŸ˜ƒ
    One comment about loosing Ned head, here in Arkansas we have a ton of rock everywhere and jugs can get snagged super easy. Lightening those jigs has helped me alot. Weedless helps as well, but when they get snagged too, go as light as possible.

  5. Having only been back into serious fishing the last 2 years, I am trying to learn quickly the different baits and one I haven't put much time into yet is the jerkbait, am hoping for a quick ice out up here in the upper Midwest to get out earlier to get as much time in on the jerkbait as I can.

    Have always struggled catching fish in the cold water temps and I am hoping everything I have watched this winter from you and others puts me in a good position this spring.

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